Event on: 20th Jan 2023

Twitter Space AMA-Web3Voice Presents Zeeve Tech Talks-Scaling Challenges in Private Blockchain Networks-Based Solutions


The use of blockchain technology is becoming increasingly widespread, leading to the implementation of blockchain-based applications in our day-to-day lives. With the number of users in blockchain systems continuing to grow, scalability has become an increasingly pressing issue. To ensure that blockchain technology can be effectively utilized, it is important to address the scalability problem. To address this problem, various solutions have been proposed. In the recently conducted Twitter AMA by Zeeve, we explored the problem of scalability with some major blockchains and also delved deeper into the various potential solutions for tackling the blockchain scalability issue.

Zeeve organized a Twitter AMA on 20th January 2023 with the objective to provide more insight into blockchain scalability. Jasti Radhye Shyam, the blockchain developer and expert from Zeeve was appointed to answer some of the most pertinent questions that revolve around the challenges, scalability solutions and also scope for the scalable blockchain protocols. It was a great attempt to make web3 enthusiasts and developers understand how the blockchain solutions are evolving and the need to embrace the scalable alternatives to leverage the huge opportunities in the sector.

Radhey Shyam started the session explaining the huge importance of scalability in blockchain to accelerate its mass adoption. He also answered questions pertaining to scalability challenges and solutions developers come across in L1 or Layer 1, for example, solana and others. He further went on to share the details of scalability solutions in Layer 2 or L2 to help developers understand how these technologies can be leveraged to the optimum levels.

The attendants of the AMA session got an opportunity to understand how sharding would help with the scalability aspect of blockchain and details on scalable DLTs. How Zeeve with its leading node service provider and infrastructure management services helps with scalability was also answered during the session. He also shed light on the kind of consensus mechanism which he feels is best suited to resolve scalability issues. Get more info by tuning in to the AMA session here.


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