Event on: 23rd Dec 2022

Twitter Space AMA-Web3Voice Presents Zeeve Tech Talks -Powering Web3 Gaming in Metaverse


Web 3 gaming is an emerging form of digital gaming that utilizes blockchain technology to create a fully immersive and secure gaming experience. Gamers can interact with each other in a decentralized virtual world, giving them greater freedom and control than ever before. Additionally, Web 3 gaming allows players to own exclusive in-game items and assets, as well as trade them using smart contracts. Metaverse is a decentralized platform that enables users to create, own, and transfer digital assets and to interact with others in a virtual world. It combines the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a secure and efficient environment for digital asset trading and gaming. Through its innovative technology, Metaverse is leading the way in web 3 gaming, allowing users to enjoy an immersive and secure gaming experience.

To give more insight into what this exciting space holds for developers and entrepreneurs, Zeeve organized Twitter AMA . Hitesh Sharma, blockchain developer and expert from Zeeve was appointed to answer some of the most pertinent questions that revolve around the trends, challenges, possibilities and also scope of web3 gaming and metaverse in the years ahead. It was a great attempt to make gamers, and web3 gaming enthusiasts understand how the sector would evolve and the ways to prepare for the upcoming trends to leverage the huge opportunities in the sector.

Hitesh shared valuable insights into how wbe2 gaming apps are slowly making way for more immersive and engaging web3 gaming apps. He further elaborated on how gaming has evolved, right from basic to one player to multiplayer games and virtual reality gaming and with the adoption of web3, gaming provides a mature gaming aspect to players. He also highlighted how companies like Zeeve are helping web3 gaming companies to scale and grow while also taking care of enterprise-grade security while developing high-end games. Web gaming is not just gaming for entertainment but it also offers in-game asset ownership and control to gamers that was earlier missing in other formats and hence it has tremendous potential.

The session also had something interesting for blockchain game developers as Hitesh helped them understand the tech aspects of game development. Viewers of the session had a good time getting a sneak peek into the entertaining world of web 3 gaming and how they could benefit from blockchain games.


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