Event on: 3rd Jan 2022

Twitter Space AMA-The History & the Future of Cryptocurrency with Mr. Suveett Kalra


Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonymously developed Bitcoin, the world of finance and FinTech hasn’t been the same. What was first looked down on, Bitcoin gained massive traction making everyone who owned it Millionaires and Billionaires.

While this is the story of Bitcoin, its underlying decentralized blockchain technology inspired Ethereum and many other blockchains known today.

To commemorate the coin that started it all and to celebrate the new era of the internet, the 3rd of January is celebrated as World Crypto Day. On this occasion, Zeeve invited Mr. Suveett Kalra to share his thoughts on the history and the future of cryptocurrency on Zeeve Twitter Tech Talk, and here are some points he shared, followed by the link to listen to the whole podcast.

  • How the financial system bounced back after the 2008 housing market collapse.
  • How the current monetary system is debt-based and how it is peacefully transitioning into mathematically secure Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency methods.
  • Something as much potential as Bitcoin will always attract the Governments’ attention.
  • He believes Proof of Work is more important than you currently believe it to be.
  • Ethereum had a first-mover advantage in 2015, and EVM is a simple language for developers to understand.
  • Governments hate Blockchain, and they’re afraid because the internet is coming after money for the first time.
  • CBDC will not be the future because it goes against the current banking system.
  • Decentralization is a movement that won’t die until the last man stands, which will be Bitcoin.
  • The Metaverse may be the Summer of 2023. It has a good chance of having a hype cycle in 2023.

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