Event on: 23rd Feb 2022

Twitter Space AMA -Web3Voice Presents Zeeve Tech Talks-Talk Series with MetaWhale World – NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming, and their underlying technologies


Recently, Zeeve organized a talk series – Web3 Voice and the theme for this series was NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming and their underlying technologies. It collaborated with Rahul Kaushik– Founder of MetaWhale World, to shed his expertise on the underlying technologies lying behind these revolutionary concepts. Dr Ravi Chamria, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeeve was the host of the webinar.

First, Dr Ravi gave a brief introduction about Zeeve and the work it does. Mr Rahul started the session by walking the audience through his early days of getting into metaverse space. He spoke of Metawhale World coming into existence in the month of October 2022 and its journey till now. He spoke of how they are the first to launch the world’s first NFT museum in metaverse and went further to elaborate on the protocols they support, how they work and also harped on the exciting developments they are bringing in the metaverse space.

Dr Ravi spoke of the huge promise and potential shown by the metaverse space and how reports project the industry to be worth 6-7 trillion or even more by 2030. He went on to ask Mr Rahul about how the AR, VR, combined with the blockchain and web3 has been enabling the metaverse space today, providing immersive experiences for users. Mr Kaushik provided a great reply to this question and went on in detail to explain how blockchain further enhances the experiences and helps us pay in tokens for any of the respective products of gaming or metaverse. Dr Ravi went on to elaborate the point on how blockchain is revolutionizing the metaverse space with its tokenization and extending the metaverse into the business domain with its features.

In the subsequent few minutes of the webinar, Mr Kaushik went on to elaborate the major differences between decentralized and non-decentralized gaming. He stressed on the real-world value that blockchain provides to web3 gamers.

Dr Ravi asked Mr Kaushik to elaborate on the different use cases of metaverse that businesses can use for their own purposes. Besides explaining the various use cases of metaverse in the following parts of the webinar, Mr Kaushik also highlighted the importance of education and greater awareness of the benefits that mateverse throws open for businesses and consumers alike to bring in greater adoption of the technology. Dr Ravi reinstated the point on the importance of metaverse by stating that all the virtual walkthroughs, be it real estate, shopping or customer support areas and all those 2D traditional web2 experiences will become more immersive and real-world with the adoption of metaverse. He further stated that there are play-to-earn models where players earn tokens by playing games and metaverse platform builders as well as enterprises that are building virtual world experiences. He further asked the speaker to elaborate on the various models coming around which can help web3 builders to explore opportunities in the metaverse space.

Dr Ravi asked the speaker to explainabout the play-to-earn model and its use for their business. During the discussion, he went on to explain how the gamers on Metawheels – the project by Metwhale world is rewarding gamers for the time and effort they spent on the platform.

Dr Ravi asked how does the speaker see the NFT market on the collectible side and also the NFTs beyond collectibles.Answering the question elaborately, Mr Kaushik further stressed that more the real world use cases which have been involved into the NFTs, the bigger would be the adoption. Dr Ravi also mentioned how the NFTs are being extended on bitcoin and the way there has been a lot of craze in the last two months on on NFT ordinals, which he explained are again NFTs only but in a in a bit different way and how these ordinals is going to help in more better adoption of technology from a developer perspective a user perspective.

Dr Ravi further asked the speaker about his opinion on whether the regulatory and legal landscape is helping or obstructing the whole metaverse progress. Stressing on the regulatory challenges, Mr Kaushik stressed that even though a major chunk of real estate or other companies are investing in metaverse and revolutionary technologies, the situation is still challenging in India, with the government not taking the right step.

Dr Ravi asked the speaker what are the biggest challenges pertaining to cryptographic identity and reputation related problems that can be solved in the metaverse. The speaker went on to explain the tools which are there which can make the whole infrastructure in the most secure manner. Dr Ravi also asked about how user experiences can be improved in the coming years to make the users comfortable using the web3 tools such as metamask wallet or for that matter any other wallet to make a completely decentralized transaction.

Furthermore, Dr Ravi highlighted the role Zeeve is playing to support various metaverses NFT marketplaces giving platforms by providing decentralized infrastructure so their data is is not residing within one Cloud environment and the data is distributed so that different nodes reside on different regions and different Cloud providers or even on-premise and user devices. Dr Ravi stressed on their offering – a decentralized storage called ZDFS, which takes care of privacy and security and makes data highly secure.

During the webinar, the speaker and host both highlighted the importance of the cutting-edge technologies, AR, VR and provided a complete overview of NFT, Gaming and Metaverse, as well as the implications of these advancements for the future.

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