Conference – Startup India Expo & Conclave

Event on: 2nd June 2022

Conference – Startup India Expo & Conclave
panel discussion


Startup India Expo & Conclave Event

We at Zeeve believe that the blockchain is in the inevitable future and there has been an accelerated growth and the enterprise Blockchain adoption in 2022 and that has been momentous. The unprecedented growth of the dApp users’ engagement and also the initiatives launched in the space of promoting enhanced privacy, security, interoperability and scalability pave the way for greater growth opportunities for blockchain start-ups and web 3.0 companies. The interaction at the conclave carried some great deal of information for the attendees on the crucial concepts that define the web 3.0 world.

The Startup India Expo & Conclave was hosted by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 2nd -3rd June 2022 and one of the eminent speakers at the panel was our CEO- Dr Ravi Chamria. He along with other panel members such as Dr. Swati Jain, Sunil Seth, Vinita Chatterjee, Varun Kapoor participated in a significant discussion on the accelerated growth of the blockchain and the web 3.0 in the Indian ecosystem. Dr Ravi Chamaria holds the vision to power the web 3.0 infrastructures and peer to peer economy through his consistent effort at delivering value-based solutions and resolving pertinent blockchain infrastructure management challenges.

He gave away some highly valuable and insightful lessons when he spoke about the potential of the blockchain and how they could be harnessed to give a boost to the start-up and innovation culture in India.

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