Event on: 10th Sept 2022

Is this the AWS of Blockchain Infrastructure? ft. Dr. Ravi Chamria – Podcast
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Enterprises building dApps on the Blockchain or even developers looking to build and scale applications faster on the blockchain can gain valuable insights on what the disruptive technology can do by simply tuning into the Youtube link of a recently conducted Meta Roy podcast by podcaster Mr. Prasant Roy: 

Dr Ravi Chamria, CEO of Zeeve talks about some mind-blowing use cases of blockchain technology in supply chain, real estate & identity management, how Zeeve Platform is building the AWS of #Blockchain Infrastructure, how far are we from Blockchain based Elections, and the truth behind the Ethereum Merge.

Dr Chamria started the session with a quick background about himself and shared his past experiences and also spoke of how he moved into the web3 space. While sharing his past career experiences, he revealed how he got interested in the new technology when the blockchain just started to make a buzz around in 2017 and he quickly realized how it had the potential to revolutionize the Internet and solve the core challenges that the businesses face.

Talking of his early blockchain days, Dr Chamria mentioned about his blockchain start-up – Sofocle, which is one of the earliest ones in India to start with blockchain-enabled enterprise products in financial services, supply chain and education spaces. It is during this time that Dr Chamria realized the challenges in blockchain infrastructure management and saw opportunity there and hence started a SaaS platform for automation of the web3 infrastructure –Zeeve.

Dr Chamria also highlighted the differences between the different blockchain protocols – public, private or permissioned, hybrid blockchain and so on with examples and how they work. He also answered questions on the current state of affairs in the blockchain adoption space and the challenges that enterprises are facing with regard to the web3 infrastructure management.

In the podcast, Dr Chamria also spoke of real-world asset tokenization where real estate or bonds or other assets are being tokenized on the blockchain. He further explained how the DeFi platforms work and putting tokenized assets on the DeFi and taking loan against it is easy. He further stressed on how Zeeve is bringing in the expertise and the know-how for no-code blockchain infrastructure management. With its no-code 100% automation for the complete DevOps as required by enterprise blockchain infrastructure, it makes it easy for enterprises to design decentralized applications bringing in standardization of deployments to ensure that there is proper compliance and security being embedded into the architecture.

As part of discussion, he stressed how Zeeve is the AWS of blockchain infrastructure, bringing in the desired automation, the desired analytics, monitoring and also different kinds of services such as the decentralized storage as a service or decentralized identity as a service. Dr Chamria also took on questions on how enterprises and financial agencies are moving to blockchain, use cases of blockchain in the government sector, and also how the government is investing into it. He also shared his views on date record management and blockchain-based voting and how blockchain can improve the security aspects of the overall data being handled by big enterprises.  His views on the Ethereum Merge also formed a part  of the podcast discussion.  

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