Event on: 4th Dec 2022

Interview – Live convo w/ Dr. Ravi CEO & Co-Founder of Zeeve


Dr Ravi Chamria, CEO & Co-Founder of Zeeve revealed in a live conversation with an interviewer that they received a grant from the Coreum Foundation. During the conversation, they discussed how they will be integrating Coreum into their platform and some of the benefits of this relationship.

At the start of the conversation, Dr Chamria spoke about how Zeeve was born two years back when they saw a big opportunity in the web3 infrastructure management space. He went on to explain what Zeeve offers as an enterprise grade infrastructure management platform and how it helps developers, start-ups and enterprises to build, deploy and manage all the blockchain apps and nodes. He also talked of the shared APIs, which and fast and are secure RPC endpoints. With the help of Zeeve, developers can set up enterprise nodes, validator nodes, full nodes and so on. We are offering elastic APIs and then in the case of enterprise protocols, one can set up the network in just a few clicks.

He showed his excitement in connecting with Corey and partnering with them and spoke in great detail about how this partnership would benefit other developers building on Coreum. Dr Chamria mentioned how Zeeve as a dedicated Tech Team is right now working on integrating Coreum on the Zeeve platform. With this anybody would be able to deploy full nodes or archive nodes or validator nodes of corium using Zeeve platform so it would be pretty much like a one-click deployment. He shared his viewpoint on the shared apis, which he says that based on several assessments, the elastic apis are much faster even than quick node or Alchemy nodes and at the same time they are highly secure and reliable. Zeeve as a platform has not faced a single downtime.

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