Event on: 24-26th Mar 2023

Hackathon-NIT Trichy-Pragyan


Zeeve recently participated in the hackathon event organized at the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli held from 24th – 26th March, 2023 at its NIT TRICHY College Campus. Zeeve was the chosen blockchain partner for this coveted event. The event named Pragyan – an international techno-management festival, is an initiative to propel students in the fields of science and technology toward greater heights. The event provides a platform for a multitude of students to showcase their technical ingenuity and prowess.

Yuvank Soni, developer advocate from Zeeve and representative from our tech team – Rishabh Singh, Senior Blockchain Engineer attended the event. Students who gathered at the event were given a better understanding of what web3 holds and how they can leverage the newest developments in this space by building dapps with the help of unmatched, reliable, and most secure web3 infrastructure management platform of Zeeve.

Pragyan, hosted by National Institute of Technology, Trichy, went above and beyond its goal of showcasing the connection between technology and humanity. It did this by providing a platform for competitive events, hosting inspiring guest lectures, arranging astounding infotainment shows, and carrying out informative workshops. Through these activities, Pragyan enabled its participants to gain knowledge on the latest advancements in technology, and to understand its impact on our daily lives. It also served as an avenue for participants to exchange ideas, network, and foster relationships with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, Pragyan created an ideal environment for learning, innovation, and collaboration between technology and humanity.

The vibrant lights of Pragyan 2023 illuminated the entire campus as the theme of Cyberscape descended on the grand event. Thousands of attendees gathered to experience the futuristic brilliance where technology and humanity collided. The utopic realm of distorted perceptions was created as everyone was invited to explore the intricacies of existence. With the best of both worlds on display, Pragyan 2023 celebrated the wonders of technology, providing all those who were present, an unforgettable experience.


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