Event on: 30th July 2022

DeFi Series – Webinar 1 – The Basics of DeFi

DeFi Series - Webinar 1 - The Basics of DeFi

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When traditional blockchain networks were found unable to match the requirements to secure most sensitive commercial transactions and confidential agreements with public blockchain networks then the Hyperledger Fabric was created. It has become one of the most popular blockchain networks as it offered flexibility, scalability and also worked as a secure platform for delivering enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.  

Although Hyperledger has emerged as a preferred private, permissioned blockchain, a lot of enterprises still need support and guidance to understand it better and deploy this scalable and secure platform. It is with this view that Zeeve participated in the Hyperledger foundation in-depth Webinar on enterprise devops automation for sharing its insight and expertise on launching and managing the blockchain networks.

The webinar was hosted by Tomaz Sedej – the Ecosystem Manager at the Hyperledger Foundation and the panelists at the event were Ghan Vashistha, Co-founder and CTO of Zeeve, Sankalp Sharma, Co-founder and VP of engineering and Lakshya Gaur, a chief blockchain architect at Zeeve.

Ghan started the presentation, speaking about Hyperledger Fabric and how it has established its presence in the enterprise-grade blockchain space and delivers so many promises that the permissioned blockchain technology is supposed to provide in terms of proving its real-world use cases. He expressed his pleasure in being a member and a joint collaborator with Hyperledger in making blockchain adoption easier and better for all.  

During the presentation, Ghan spoke of how while working on different implementations of the Hyperledger Fabric they realized  that it’s simply not about the solutions but the developers community also face complex challenges when it comes to network configuring, going live, maintaining the production SLA and so on. Hence they decided to build Zeeve as a blockchain infrastructure and automation platform for deployment and management of the blockchain network and help enterprises and developers leverage the capabilities out of this automation to go to the market faster and meet the promises of having reliable, steady enterprise-grade blockchain solutions like Hyperledger Fabric.

Post his introductory note, other experts from Zeeve – Sankalp and Lakshya took over to demonstrate all that the enterprise DevOps automation means for the blockchain network. They spoke about the features of Hyperledger, about the network security and its management, and also about its operations- which is mostly about the devops and engineering perspective and then the application ecosystem.  

Participants in the session included industry veterans, start-up owners, product developers, strategists, business thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, students and academicians.

Dr Chamria started the workshop with a detailed explanation of what the blockchain technology is, how it works, what are its key constructs, how the web has evolved from 2.0 to 3.0 and the trends most likely to gain traction in the years to come.

During the workshop, Dr Chamria not only highlighted the key use cases of blockchain in principal economic driving forces such as supply chain, insurance, banking and finance,

In case you missed it or would like a recap of all the valuable points shared here then you can tune into the channel to catch the webinar:

DeFi Series - Webinar 1 - The Basics of DeFi


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