Event on: 1st Sept 2022

Conference – Decrypt Builders Day Event
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Decrypt Builders Day Event

Recently CEO and co-founder of Zeeve, Dr Ravi Chamria participated in the flagship event of Decrypt, sponsored by AWS and Intel focussed on the Web 3.0 ecosystem in India. It conducted a special content programming on Blockchain, DeFi, Stablecoins, NFTs and more, along with exclusive fireside chats with prominent names from Web 3.0 ecosystem such as Suvesh Malhotra – CTO Hike, Ankit Wadhwa – Co-Founder & CEO Rario , Nameet Potnis – Founder of Drumworks, Arpit Sharma –  VP – Global Enterprises of Polygon, Amit Nayak- Co-Founder & CEO Sahicoin, Akshay Aggarwal of Investor and Venture Partner Draper Dragon Fund and Parth Chaturvedi, Utkarsh Pandey, Niyaz Laiq, Pandurang Nayak and Deependra Singh.

Dr Chamria as a keynote speaker presented on the theme, “Trends in Web 3 DevOps. He started the session with an explanation on the evolution of the Internet, highlighting how the Internet has progressed from web 1 to web 2.0 to the decentralized web 3.0 that gives ownership to users.

Participants also got a deep dive into cryptographic tokens, oracles, stablecoins and decentralized applications that form the core constructs of the web 3. Features of each of these key components were explained in great detail to give the audience a better understanding about how web 3 works. The benefits of web 3 were explained deeply during the presentation. Dr Chamria also spoke of some of the key challenges faced in the web 3 infrastructures such as high costs of ownership and set –up, complexities to understand the domain, lack of technical expertise, security standards and optimization.

While speaking of challenges, Dr Chamria also presented the attendants with key features that web 3 infra automation platforms will provide. The wide range of benefits of using Zeeve’s low code blockchain as a service, enterprise-grade platform was also highlighted during the session. Attendants also got a detailed insight into the value proposition of using Zeeve’s services to manage enterprise blockchain networks.

How Zeeve solves the critical issues of its clients pertaining to enterprise-grade web 3 infrastructure management and deployment of nodes was explained with examples and case studies.

In case you missed it or would like a recap of all the valuable points shared here then you can tune into the channel to catch the webinar:

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