Event on: 7th Dec 2022

Conference-Future of Crypto-Benzinga


Zeeve recently participated in the 2022 Crypto event – the FUTURE OF CRYPTO event organized by Benzinga and powered by Deloitte on December 7. The event was hosted at the luxurious Pier Sixty – the largest waterfront venue in all of New York City. It was touted to be the BIGGEST crypto event of the year! Dr. Ravi Chamria, Zeeve Founder and CEO, also spoke at FoC, graced by dignitaries like Kevin O’Leary, Greg Solano, Anthony Scaramucci, and many others.

The Future of Crypto event was a remarkable event for the crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and networkers to discover the topmost worthy crypto ideas that one can use today – directly from hundreds of industry insiders and dozens of project creators. Bright minds enthusiastic about crypto as well as sourcing, along with a select group of guests and a diverse lineup of famous industry speakers took to the stage at this event in New York City.

Specialists from the crypto domain and blockchain – CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and many more, came together to share their best insights on the future of cryptocurrencies at this must-attend event. Bet that participants will not find anything better to learn from external sources than by listening to valuable insights shared directly by the experts themselves.

Dr Chamria spoke on the theme of “Scaling Blockchains: Layer 1s vs. Layer 2s”. He dived deep into the topic to give attendees a peek into how scalability challenges can be resolved and drew a comparison between the layers 1 and layer 2 solutions. Besides, there were a range of themes, including DeFi, opportunities and threats in crypto, trustless economies, venture funding in crypto and web3, bitcoin, tokenization and so on.

With a stellar line up of speakers ranging from seasoned investors like Kevin O’Leary and Anthony Scaramucci to NFT founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins and crypto enthusiasts, it is highly likely for exciting business partnerships to be forged, new entrants to tap in investments for their companies, sign licensing agreements and also explore opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.


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