Event on: 25th June 2022

Webinar – Blockchain, NFT, Crypto & DeFi – A Primer for these exciting developments


Blockchain, NFT, Crypto & DeFi - A Primer for these exciting developments

A meet up on “Blockchain, NFTS and Cryptocurency: A primer for exciting technology developments” was organized on 25th June 2022 where our esteemed CEO, Dr Ravi Chamria, covered the latest buzzwords in web 3.0. He dived into the basics of blockchain technology, cryptos, NFTs, and also gave a short glimpse into the future of web 3.0.

He spoke in detail about these disruptive technologies and helped the audience understand how the blockchain works, how public, permissioned and private blockchain protocols are different from each other, the way an NFT works and how the world of blockchain holds the potential to revolutionize several domains.  The benefits from the revolutionary technologies – blockchain, NFTs and cryptos were extensively covered in the meet-up to help attendees understand the Blockchain Evolution, which is still at its early stages and the kind of impact it promises to make in our lives! He also spoke of how “Decentralized finance” DeFi would become mainstream and drive the global economy in  the years to come.

The audience got a sneak peek into how the deployment of scalable, reliable and secure blockchain nodes can help enhance their performance and help them chart a successful journey in the dynamic world of blockchain, NFTs and cryptos. Dr Chamria also took questions from an enthusiastic audience to help answer their pertinent questions revolving around these relatively new technologies. Know more from the link here:


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