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    Blockchain applications need practical DevOps tools and practices in order to sustain real-world impact in the enterprise. During this webinar, the Fluree and Zeeve teams will walk through the ease with which a Fluree Blockchain stack can be deployed and monitored out-of-the-box using Zeeve automation tools in a multi-cloud environment.
    – Importance of IT Automation for modern enterprise blockchain technologies
    – Fluree interoperability with Corda, Hyperledger, and other blockchain layer technologies
    – Live showcase: Fluree setup on cloud, application deployment and infrastructure monitoring
    – Live Q&A

    Registration Link – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/4416068341558/WN_YmIjZq1wQH-7m9udzcQEpw

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    No hassle of coding or spending on setting up specialized Blockchain development. Bring together allies across disciplines & departments with Zeeve – Enterprise grade Blockchain management in your hands.

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    Blockchain help create new innovative solutions which will power the future. Dr. Ravi Chamria shared his expertise on how to leverage the technology successfully.

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    A specialized workshop designed to get up-to-speed on business Blockchain technologies & assist budding developers to advance their skill sets. Understand the set of tools & program model to build Blockchain based business network.

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