Event on: 23rd Sept 2022

Conference – Decrypt Event Bangalore
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Zeeve Founder and CEO– Dr Ravi Chamria recently attended the Decrypt Bangalore Conference held on 23rdh September 2022 at Bengaluru. This event was an initiative to connect global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging start-ups with regional business and IT leaders from across key industry verticals. CXOs, CEOs, VCs across India and also developers got the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer network, gain insights and also get inspired through engagements and interactions. It was a chance for blockchain enterprises and infrastructure management platforms to showcase how businesses and industries are set to be disrupted by this revolutionary technology.

Dr Ravi chose to speak on the theme – “Untangle Blockchain All about Web3, NFT, DeFi & Blockchain Infrastructure”. He started the conference with a brief introduction of web 3 – drawing comparisons and pointing differences with the web 1.0 and web 2.0. He also elaborated on the core constructs of web 3 and explained in great detail about the web3 stack.  

While presenting the key characteristics and components constituting web3, Dr Ravi harped on some of the key benefits of web3 and stressed on the importance of the adoption of web3 by enterprises across industry verticals.

His session was insightful as it gave the audience the chance to deep dive into blockchain as a concept, its use cases, different types of blockchain networks and how they work. The session was helpful for anyone with interest to know more about tokenization as it carried in-depth content related to the benefits of tokenization, fungible, non-fungible tokens, key characteristics of NFTs, popular projects, and the process involved with the creation of NFTs. The viewers also got an insight about the different use cases of NFTs, some examples of the popular NFTs and also learnt about the risks, opportunities, safety factors and security flaws alongside its benefits.

Attendees in the event also got an overview of the Decentralized Finance, the key differentiating factors with the centralized finance and also the key features that make the DeFi-based applications such a craze. Viewers of the event also got an insight into the different DeFI use cases and challenges faced in context to it.

The challenges and solutions of web3 infrastructure were also highlighted by the speaker during the session. The critical role of no-code infrastructure automation platform in charting the splendid growth of web3 and also how important it has become for businesses to function were discussed in the event.

Tune in to the below link of the conference for getting an invaluable insight into the exciting dimensions about the disruptive ideas – blockchain, NFTs, tokenization, DeFI and so on.

In case you missed it or would like a recap of all the valuable points shared here then you can tune into the channel to catch the webinar:

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