Zeeve Platform

As a business you focus on your core
business and leave deploying & managing
the blockchain to Zeeve.


Intuitive Dashboards

Easy to use, all in one dashboards

Deploy Fabric Node

Single click deployments

From initial deployment to on-boarding stakeholders


Save on devops

Automation that removes need for domain knowledge and teams of Devops.


Faster time to market

Keeping focus on the business logic instead of the Environment and ecosystem.


Automate Deployments

Deploy in a few clicks. Let us worry about standards and practices. What takes days and weeks is just a few minutes of just satisfying visuals.

Support for multiple Protocols

Each use-case is unique, choose a blockchain protocol which better suits your requirements, with minimal knowledge of the protocol.

Deploy on your own clouds

Configure your own Cloud accounts and let Zeeve be the enabler. Create Heterogeneous cloud deployments of your network.


Network optimizations

Zeeve provides you monitoring and advises cloud and protocol level optimizations.

Nodes Holders

Invite based on-boarding

Share invites with your participants or node holders, share authority and governance, all through simple clicks.

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