Enterprise-grade Blockchain Management in your hands

Deploy, share and monitor your Blockchain nodes and networks without giving away any control using Zeeve's Managed Service

Enterprise-grade <span class="f_700">Blockchain Management</span> in your hands

All the tools for Blockchain companies and startups to
build, deploy, monitor and grow


Rapid Prototyping using
Developer Toolkit

Zeeve provides Developers Toolkit to speed up the
development and testing of decentralized apps for the IT teams. Zeeve also provides sample DApps and GIT integration rapid prototyping. Use our detailed documentation and support forums.

Any Protocol on any Cloud infrastructure

Zeeve supports the automated deployment of all the major protocols on the cloud infrastructure of your choice. You can either use your own cloud account or use our managed hosted services to deploy and run your Blockchain nodes and networks.

Analytics and Monitoring with alerts and notifications

Zeeve provides a GUI Analytical dashboard with advance monitoring of both the Blockchain resources and the underlying cloud infrastructure. Get alerts and notifications in your inbox for pro-active approach to manage nodes.

On demand Scaling and Resource Optimizations

Scale up and scale down your cloud infrastructure on demand and use our optimized configurations to conserve on costs, yet get the best performance and availability. Adding a node to an existing network requires just few clicks.


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Whether it beĀ  a consulting company or System Integrator, a Blockchain startup or Consortium, clients partner with us
for their Managed Blockchain requirements. Join our partner ecosystem to accelerate your Blockchain journey with us.

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