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Zeeve SCAPE is a trust-less verifiable network of resources that is focused to provide a technology for Infrastructure layer, which is optimized and designed to enable privacy in decentralized solutions, to achieve security and governance without centralizing the control on resources. SCAPE nodes are agnostic to different device level segments, such as data centers and servers, IoT and ARM devices, Intel and AMD driven Desktop and laptops. It will allow developers to create high performance secure and privacy enabled decentralised applications.

Zeeve SCAPE is an infrastructure layer protocol and is to operate in such a manner that it enables the layer 0 and layer 1 protocols with configurable privacy and security while also being capable of running as a standalone layer 0 network if required. It is built on top of core TEE enabled Data transfer, storage and execution capabilities making it Blockchain agnostic.

When plugged with a layer 0 protocol, the commutations and verifications are done on the layer 0 protocol itself where SCAPE will allow one to secure the aspects of the computation, verification, smart contracts and even randomness function in some protocols to get the benefitted with TEE based security and data transfer. It also will enable the layer 2 protocols or the off-chain components to become verifiable, programmed for privacy with controlled data storage and transfer.

Secure Communication and Privacy Engine, it is to become the backbone of how the future requirement of privacy and security is to be achieved.

SCAPE is built out of TEE resources contributed by Data centers and individuals. Hence, it is completely decentralised.

With Blockchain emerging as a leading technology to enable decentralization came along a lot of layers 0 and layer 1 solutions. These solutions were focused on enabling transparency through decentralization and achieving immutability of the datasets and applications. As these matured over time, more and more POC, Pilot and production applications started using the technology, be it through public or permissioned protocols.

While the whole paradigm started shifting towards these solutions, there were several use cases which started failing and having challenges to see the practical implementations. The major reason was Privacy and security in these decentralized networks. Security and Privacy was intrinsic to most of the real-life use cases and with basic nature of Blockchains and distributed ledgers being equal and accessible copy with all stakeholders, just soft cryptography can’t meet the demand of privacy. Beyond this the privacy and security required more specific characterization over the generic cryptography protected ledgers such as the PRICURITY (Flexible Privacy and Security) for data at rest, data in motion and data in execution.

Yes, however the hardware it uses is built on the chip itself. Hence, no additional hardware devices are required to utilise SCPA as it functions on existing Initel and ARM chips.

Primary goal of Zeeve SCAPE is to become the de facto for Blockchain (permissioned and public) and non-Blockchain applications to be able to achieve the decentralization with embedded and configurable PRICURITY (Flexible Privacy and Security) flexibility available. While being open source and enabling the community to further make it more adoptable, the objective is to make it pluggable to existing Blockchain protocols or operating as an independent network for non-blockchain applications instead of just making it as a new network of its own.

SCAPE will exist by virtue of TEE enabled data protection and privacy algorithms taking care of identity, data storage, transfer, data in motion and highly secure and encrypted data in execution support.

TEE stands for Trusted Execution Environments, this is available in both the leading processor architecture i.e., Intel and ARM. This allows the presence of a significant memory enclave to be allocated on top of the core processing chip itself which is completely isolated in-terms of access, control, and execution with all the rest of the system layers including the Application layer, the kernel, device drivers and in a way the complete Operating environment.

The core strength upon which Zeeve SCAPE functions is the ability to context switch while operating or executing any specific program logic installed in the TEE enclave which ensure complete security to the data set encryption, decryption, identity creation, registration on the network and communication security as well when done between two SCAPE nodes or services TEE to TEE.

TEE capability in SCAPE is architecture agnostic, it functions both on Intel and ARM processor architectures. This allows SCAPE to be able to be utilised for IOT devices and end user mobile phone applications too.

Initially SCAPE is being launched to support all intel devices and everyone owning one with TEE capability will be allowed to nominate their participation, if the eligibility will be found then one can become part of the trusted SCAPE network. For more on eligibility please connect us on https://t.me/ZeevePlatform

All the latest Intel processor based machines are compatible with SCAPE. The resources can start from a few cores of Intel Chips at minimum.

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